Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Al Salam Bank Sudan

Investing in Sudan is very difficult, especially as the country has Sanctions imposed on it. The Security Council sanctions regime was modified and strengthened in 2005. This expanded the scope of the scope of the arms embargo and imposed additional measures including an assets freeze on designated individuals. It is still not a case of outright sanctions.

Al Salam Bank Sudan is the largest and most influential bank in Khartoum's stock market due to the unique banking services offered to the bank's clients. Obviously, its very small. The Bank has capital of just $100m. It is one of the few companies that can be bought by way of its co listing on the Dubai stock market in May.

Al Salam Bank Sudan was the first bank in Sudan to set up a fund dedicated to real estate investments; the Al Salam First Property Fund provides the bank's clients investment opportunities in the Sudanese real estate market.

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