Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Asian Frontier Markets 2009 - Hong kong

Daniel Broby, Chief Investment Officer of Silk Invest, will speak at the Asian Frontier Markets 2009 - Hong kong.

5 March 2009 - Day 1
Macro view on Asian Financial Liberalization
Understanding Vietnam’s Market Fluctuation
Frontier Market in the context of Global Financial Crisis
Panoramic view on Cambodian Market
Investment Strategies in Frontier Market
Mitigating Idiosyncratic Risk in Frontier Market
Encouraging better investments in Bangladesh Market

6 March 2009 - Day 2
Positive positioning: Asian Frontier Markets in attracting Foreign Investors
Exploring the potential of Capital market on pre-emerging countries
Evolution Hedge Funds in Frontier Market
Kazakhstan: Leading Central Asia market
Most preferred Asset Class in Frontier Market by Mainstream Investors
Forecasting Asian Frontier Market
Lessons Learned: Investment Strategies in African Frontier Markets

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