Thursday, 13 January 2011

Frontier markets webcast

IPE Webcast Series Presents: A Unique Opportunity in Frontier Markets (Silk Invest Limited)
Tuesday, January 25, 2011
14:00 UK Time, 9 am EST

Presentation by:
Zin Bekkali
Daniel Broby
Baldwin Berges
Brendan Maton

Register for this event.Frontier markets have shown remarkable resilience during the recent global economic downturn and have in line with their emerging markets peers sustained their long term convergence trend. African, Arab and Asian frontier countries are increasingly able to strengthen their competitive advantages and carve out a place in the global economy.

The case for frontier markets is however not well understood and many of these markets are selling today at significant valuations discounts in comparison with the rest of the world. This is evident across asset classes and can be showcased when looking at dividend yields which are typically twice the global average or interest rate spreads which are still pricing in a very high risk premium.

This paradox of above average growth and valuation discounts, represents a unique window of opportunity for investors to start looking at these markets. The capital markets in frontier markets are relatively young but are relevant for investors. Their combined market capitalization is bigger than many of the favourite emerging markets and the fixed income universe has reached critical size.

Silk Invest is built around the conviction that the world is turning upside down and that investors should add frontier markets to their portfolios. Silk Invest will host this webcast to share its views on the markets and showcase its approach to get access to the best investment opportunities.

The webcast will allow you to take a closer look at frontier markets and obtain a better understanding of the realities and the fundamental drivers of these fast-growing economies that are increasingly opening up to global investors.

During the webcast, Silk Invest will provide insights and perspectives on:

• The macro case for investing in frontier markets with a special focus on Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia
• The development of capital markets and accessibility of the frontier countries
• Investment opportunities in equities, fixed income and private equity
• The appropriate investment approach for frontier markets and how investors can capture the benefits of this high economic growth

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