Saturday, 14 May 2011

Harare CFO Forum (27th May 2011)

Event Program
08.00 Coffee & Registration

08.45 Chairman’s Welcoming Address

09.00 Macro Outlook: Tough decisions for your company’s economic future

Mr Daniel Broby, Chief Investment Officer, Silk Invest (UK)

Benefits for delegates will include:

•Current thinking and wisdom on issues that are essential for the effectiveness of the finance executives the businesses they drive.
•Learning strategies to help them build their businesses despite the challenging financial environment
•Gain a unique insight into the thinking of fellow financial management professionals during the interactive panel sessions
•Network and exchange ideas with their peers, discovering new angles to address their most pressing issues.
10:15 Challenges and opportunities for Today’s CFOs

Mr Nigel Chanakira, President and Founder of Kingdom Financial Holdings

11:00 Midmorning teas and Sandwiches

11.45 The Zimbabwe Economy- Past, Present and Future

Mr H W Mungoshi,Chief Economist, ZESA

13.00 Networking Lunch

14.15 The FD’s role in attracting new business and revenue streams

Discussion Group

•An interactive discussion group looking at the following areas:
•How can the FD directly through his own personal efforts attract new business?
•How can the FD help others to attract new business? How can we best add value in each of the Marketing P’s (Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People, Process, Physical evidence)?
•What are we good at that helps attracts new business? And what do we FD’s have a tendency to do – and need to watch out for – which goes against this aim?
•How can we best use target setting and design of the company compensation systems to attract new business? Is it true, what gets measured by us gets done?
•Would it help if we could be more entrepreneurial…should we be? How do we best get any concerns we have in an opportunity without being seen as a blocking mechanism on all things new?
•Does our desire for planning things and our eye for detail act for or against attracting new business?

15.30 Afternoon Teas and Coffees with Biscuits and Scones

16:00 Speaker

17:00 Chairman’s Vote of Thanks

17.15 Speed meets

17:30 Networking drinks reception

Entertainment by Victor Kunonga (Zimbabwe leading Jazz Artist)

The Forum seeks to provide the Chief Finance Officers and Finance Managers in the region an independent strategic debate. The forum speakers and program of plenary sessions will inspire finance executives to focus on opportunities that exist. A range of carefully selected topics will form the thrust of the discussions during the interactive sessions.

The CFO Forum is an event specifically designed to address the increasing needs and demands of the senior finance executive.

With years of economic slowdown, Zimbabwean businesses are subjected to painful boom-and-bust cycles. A prolonged economic surge has left the country with a legacy of stubbornly low productivity growth and a reduced appetite for professional excellence.

Zimbabwean financial executives are facing the inevitable challenges of sharper competition, low productivity and financing constrains? What can financial managers do to avoid the complacency trap and help steer their businesses in the right direction? Join many other CFOs and national and international speakers as we address the growth agenda, identify what successful businesses have done to reposition for sustainable growth, and fast-forward into the future to look at the key trends that will shape corporate Zimbabwe.

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