Sunday, 1 June 2008

The adventure begins

Well, the legal part has now begun. Our Frontier Markets Hedge Fund has begun the process of incorporation in the Cayman Islands as an exempt limited liability fund, registered as a Segregated Portfolio Company. Many months of preparatory work mean that we are all geared up for this defining moment (the point of no return).

The team, hand picked or their unique financial skills, are already looking forward to moving into the new offices, with all the new technology kit including Blooomberg and our new found love of Skype (a great communication tool).

This blog will hopefully prove an interesting expose on the birth and growth of a Hedge Fund. Not just any Hedge Fund, mind you. Danfonds Frontier funds SPC is focused on the cutting edge of the beneficiaries of globalisation, searching for value off benchmark and definitely off the beaten track.

Now, I am obliged to tell you by the regulators that anything you read in this website does not constitute an offer to invest in or even consider any of the regions or companies that may be mentioned as a potential investment. This sort of fund is strictly for professionals and by professionals I mean financial insitutions or seriously rich people.

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rfm said...

Congrat's on the start up. I noted you are registering your the Fund in the Cayman Islands. As you are aware there are two (Jamaica and Trinidad) countries in the Caribbean that are formally categorized as frontier markets (S&P/IFC Frontier Markets). I have extensive experience in Caribbean and Latin American frontier markets and want to join a frontier markets fund such as Danfonds. Can you provide an email address to: for me to send my credentials?

Good luck with Danfonds. I'm sure I'm as passionate as you are in the great future of frontier markets.