Wednesday, 11 June 2008


Tanzanian corruption case appear to be holding up a decision on its annual aid contribution. Bjarne Sorensen, The Danish Ambassador, says this is due to work by 14 nationl and multinational donors obtaining further information 'to tackle corruption allegations and improve governance'.

A recent audit found that $116 million from the Bank of Tanzania's external payment 'arrears account' was paid to companies using forged or improper documents.

Tanzania is one of the Least Developed countries. The country has a published per capita GDP of $ 210. The Tanzania economy depends on agriculture, which accounts for over 50% of its GDP. The sector provides 75% of exports and employs about 85% of the total work force. Gold mining is healthy and bouyed by the strong gold price.

Tanzania's GDP growth rate currently at 4.9%, has averaged 3.5% for the past four decades.

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