Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Tullow Oil - Another success in Ghana

Tullow Oil has a fantastic track record of finding oil in Africa, including respectable finds in Ghana, Uganda, Angola and Ivory Coast.

The company has just Announced details of the Mahogany-2 well, drilled to appraise the Jubilee field in offshore Ghana. Tullow said the results confirm that the reservoirs of the Jubilee Field are highly productive and support Tullow's view that the completed Jubilee production wells should be capable of flowing at rates in excess of 20,000 barrels a day.


rfm said...

The map showing where oil is in the frontier markets should reflect Suriname engaging in D & P also (not just E). Suriname has an active oil and gas industry that is growing in leaps and bounds.

Also, Guyana should reflect the country is engaging in E (exploration). A recent UN court of arbitration decision on offshore rights (a territorial dispute between Suriname and Guyana) went Guyana's way and a Canadian oil company is starting (actually re-starting)exploritory operation offshore. Guyana and Suriname are sleeping giants in the frontier lands.

Frontier Markets Blog said...

Thanks rfm. Clearly shows that opportunites abound. The mao, however, only relates to Tullow Oil's activities.

It would be interesting to know the name of the Canadain oil company active in Guyana.