Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Our competitors

It is difficult to find reliable data on the African and Middle Eastern Hedge fund universe. According to Hedge Fund News (HFN), however, 90% of the such funds in their database have less than USD 250m AUM.

Interestingl, HFN report that funds with less than USD 50m AUM outperformed their larger counterparts across the top 10th and top 25th percentile rankings, at around +50% and +44%, respectively.

List of the key players

Africa Growth Fund
Bankinvest New Emerging Markets Fund
Calvert New Africa Fund
Danfonds Frontier Fund
Foreign and Colonial Emerging Middle East Fund
Framlington Maghreb Fund (North Africa)
Framlington West Africa Growth Fund
Genbel Investments
GT All-Africa Fund
Mango Capital
Morgan Stanley African Investment Fund
New South Africa Fund
Regent Undervalued Assets Africa Fund
Renaissance Africa Fund
Save & Prosper Southern Africa Fund
Simba Fund
The African Emerging Markets Fund
The Near East Opportunities Fund

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