Saturday, 21 June 2008

Lonzim Plc takes Fly 540 low cost airline to Zimbabwe

Lonzim Plc has just shown its savvy side. Doing business in Zimbabwe has its risks but at least it will be able to fly its assets out if anything goes wrong!

LonZim Plc has announced plans to duplicate the Lonrho pan-African airline, Fly540, in Zimbabwe. Lonrho Plc, which is a 20% shareholder in LonZim, has been developing across Africa using the low-cost model. Lonhro Plc launched the airline in Nov 2006 in Kenya. LonZim has the exclusive rights to Lonrho's brands in Zimbabwe, and intends to have Fly540-branded freight and passenger services operating out of Harare. The airline will operate a mixed fleet of turbo prop and jet aircraft.

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